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Highway Attends Volvo Dig Assist Training

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Left to Right: John Seroskie, Joe Rick, Justin Bloss, Vince Pagano, Brian Hoffman, Jamie Kane, Adam Bogert, Adam Drumheller, & Joel Taylor (in the excavator)

On Tuesday, November 13, Highway sales, service, and product support staff attended a Dig Assist training in Brownstown.

"It was a multi-hour presentation followed by hands-on calibration and equipment operation on an EC220E," said Vice President Ryan Flood. "Volvo engineer and software developers led the training."

What is Dig Assist?

Dig Assist, powered by Volvo Co-Pilot, offers a real-time 3D view of the machine's movements, provides synchronization between bucket and high-resolution display, and eliminates the need to check digging depths. Dig Assist increases machine controllability, accuracy, and uptime to improve productivity results by up to 50%.

For information about or assistance with Volvo Dig Assist, contact your local Highway sales, service, or product support representative.

Volvo Co-Pilot in Action

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