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Highway Top Three: Using Your Excavator "Right"

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

To optimize your excavator's job performance and machine uptime, consider these three easy steps to excavator success.

1.) Use the right attachments

Larger buckets can dig more material, but if your attachment is too big for the excavator, the machine will under-perform and sustain serious damage. Digging larger loads may seem great in the short run, but it is not worth the downtime or service costs.

2.) Use the right excavator

Excavators may be highly-functional and multipurpose, but one size does not fit all. Volvo CE offers an immense range of excavator sizes to meet your various spatial and material needs, from soft sand to solid rock, narrow cities to expansive quarries. Optimize your productivity and machine durability by selecting the correct excavator size and class for each job.

3.) Use the right safety guidelines

Significantly more important than the steps you take to safeguard your excavator from under-performance and damage is ensuring the people working in and around them do not get hurt. Avoid tampering with the machine's safety features, make sure your operators are adequately trained, perform frequent jobsite safety audits, and ensure your team is equipped with workplace safety training and protective gear.

Contact your local Highway sales or service representative today to add a Volvo excavator to your fleet and/or learn more about these steps and other tips and tricks to optimize your excavator performance.

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