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Taking Care of Business: The Importance of Keeping Your Fleet Clean

The heavy equipment industry requires working in dirty environments. Dust, mud, salt, grease, gunk, -you name it-, will all find a way onto your vehicles and will find ways into mechanical areas. Your equipment should be getting regular cleanup maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The same is true for your company vehicles, but some of the reasons behind keeping your fleet shining may surprise you. How much thought are you putting into your basic fleet vehicle upkeep?

Your fleet is on the go - on the road, and on the job site. From equipment transport to site inspections, your vehicles are front facing in the world around you. What are your customers (and potential future customers) seeing? While it may seem trivial because your work and your team speaks to the reputation of your business, the most

important factor of a first impression is appearance, and that’s not exclusive to people. Often, the face of your business is going to be your fleet vehicles. It’s important to keep these vehicles maintained and in good condition because, not only does it prevent premature wear, but it presents your brand in a positive light.

How does your fleet benefit from regular washing and overall maintenance?

Here’s a quick list of factors you may already have thought of, and a few you might not have:

· Reduce risk of rust and corrosion

· Reduce risk of premature wear

· Positive image of the company & operators

· Reflection of care & attention to detail

· Advertising

· Emphasize quality satisfaction & standards

· Positive example to employees/operators

Whether you’re managing a fleet that is big or small, remember the impact regular cleaning and upkeep can have. Keep your business looking sharp!

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