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Six Reasons to Buy a Volvo CE Excavator Right Now

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

"Owning a Volvo hydraulic excavator is more than just owning a piece of equipment. It's owning reliability, dependability, productivity, and safety packaged into one purchase." -John Seroskie, Sales Director, Highway Equipment & Supply Co.

1. Lifetime Boom, Arm, & Frame Warranty

Volvo CE designs all of its machines to withstand extreme jobsite conditions. Through decades of field and lab experience, Volvo CE has developed industry-leading frame quality, longevity, and durability standards.

The integrity of these standards results from:

  • Bench durability testing

  • High-tensile-steel frames for long service life and low fatigue risk

  • Strength-and-weight-optimized frames

  • Volvo CE Welding Standard for high quality robotic/conventional welds

  • High-quality bearings sealed to prevent contamination and early bearing failure

  • Booms with large cross sections

  • Ultrasonic testing

  • Heavy duty x-frame undercarriage distributes force for undercarriage longevity

  • Mating surfaces machined to ensure exact component location and strong joints

To further test the power and durability of Volvo CE excavators, Hollywood action star Dolph Lundgren put a full-range fleet through a series of rigorous drills and extraordinary stunts. Can a Volvo CE excavator handle your job? Watch the video below.

Who Qualifies?

The Lifetime Boom, Arm, and Frame Warranty applies to the initial excavator owner and is non-transferable. A minimal $250 activation fee is required to register for this program for all excavator models.

Click here or see the Volvo Construction Equipment Frame Lifetime Limited Warranty for more details.

2. Powerful & Fuel-Efficient

Saving fuel means higher profits through your business through lower operating costs and lower emissions for the environment. Volvo CE is so confident in the money-saving fuel efficiency of its excavators that your excavator is backed by the Fuel Efficiency Guarantee as long as you own it.

How it Works

You will receive the Fuel Efficiency Guarantee when you purchase a Volvo CE excavator and activate your free, standard, six-year CareTrack subscription. CareTrack monitors your excavator's fuel consumption, location, operating hours, speed, approaching service intervals, and more with guided diagnostics that can report and analyze the machine onsite or remotely to manage productivity and maximize uptime.

If your excavator's fuel efficiency and productivity do not meet the model-rated fuel efficiency levels, Volvo CE will reimburse you a portion of the additional fuel.

The Fuel Efficiency Guarantee is available on the following models:

Click here for more information about the Fuel Efficiency Guarantee.

3. Safe & Comfortable

Get comfy with the Volvo Care Cab, designed to reduce operator fatigue and promote safety. "The Volvo Care Cab offers best-in-class operator comfort and visibility," said John.

"You want a place for an operator to sit 8-10 hours per day without needing to get out for breaks too often," said Brian Naylor, Service Manager, Lock Haven. "The Care Cab features a spring-applied cab mount that allows the operator to feel less vibration and movement, which ensures a smooth ride and more uptime."

Brian pointed out three primary features that sets the Volvo Care Cab apart from its competitors:

-Seat quality

-Satellite radio

-Ease-of-access to the controls

"The more amenities a cab has, the longer the operator can stay inside to get the job done," said Brian. "The more inclined they are to be inside the cab, the more production you are going to get out of your excavator."

Contact your local Highway Sales representative to experience the Volvo Care Cab for yourself.

Photo Caption: Regional Service Manager Rick Ney shown with a Volvo CE ECR355E crawler excavator

4. ActiveCare Direct

Spend more time on the job and less time sorting through machine data and alarm codes with ActiveCare Direct (ACD), Volvo CE's 24/7/365 machine-monitoring and fleet-reporting service.

CareTrack®, the Volvo telematics system, captures thousands of machine data points and sends them to the Volvo Uptime Center in Shippensburg, PA, where a team of data analysts and a proprietary system monitors and analyzes machine health in real time. You will receive a monthly fleet utilization report to identify opportunities to improve worksite efficiency.

Click here to read more about ACD.

5. Machine Serviceability

Volvo CE excavators feature grouped greasing and lube points, anti-slip plates, quick disconnect ports, and diesel exhaust fuel filling ports located adjacent to the fuel filling ports. The air filter is positioned at the rear of the cab where it will remain clear of contaminants and require fewer replacements.

Additionally, Volvo CE boasts easy engine access and wide-opening doors with automatic locking systems.

"The large service openings allow easy access for inspection and maintenance," said Brian. "Volvo CE's warranty programs coupled with Highway's dependable road technicians gives our customers peace-of-mind if there are ever any issues that arise."

Click here to read about nine serviceability features to consider when buying an excavator.

6. Support You Can Trust

From sales to after-sales support, Highway's equipment expertise goes with you whenever you lease or purchase a machine. Our professional Sales and Product Support staff, highly-trained and experienced Service technicians, and dedicated Parts staff are here to keep your excavators operating efficiently.

Take advantage of these six benefits and more by contacting your local Highway sales representative to add a Volvo CE excavator to your fleet.

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