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Welcome Morbark & Rayco Products to the Lineup!

If you're in the tree care business, you might want to listen up because we've just added some game changing equipment to our product offerings with you in mind!

The time is now if you want to expand your services and reduce waste and transportation costs on the job. With Morbark & Rayco equipment, businesses create the ability to bring value to the wood, that would otherwise be wasted and need to be moved, in the form of things like ground cover chips and boiler fuel. The addition of a brush chipper to your fleet is a crucial investment that will continue to payoff in savings of time and money within your operation, ultimately, creating room for your business to grow!

Morbark has been an innovator of durable, high performance equipment for customers in the tree care, forestry, landscaping industry for more than 60 years with its first entry into the market in 1957 with the development of a portable pulp wood debarker. Naturally, the

unexpected growth of the company brought forth new and exciting opportunities to expand the equipment line to include flails, chippers, grinders and more. The Morbark reputation has become one of robust, rugged and reliable heavy equipment products in world wide markets and we are proud to be able to add their products to our lineup.

What are some key factors to consider when expanding or upgrading your fleet to include a chipper or stump grinder?

  • What type of work are you going to do?

  • What is the landscape like where you do most of your work? (Young trees or mature trees)

  • Is your job function highly concentrated on trimming or removal?

  • What is the future of your operation? Will you continue as you are, or will you be expanding to take on larger projects in the future?

You need to ensure you choose the appropriate size chipper for your jobs. The rule of thumb is to operate a chipper to about 2/3 of its capacity and occasional larger pieces.

Making the decision on the right one for the job.

A smaller chipper will not be able to handle larger items, therefore you run the risk of additional costs to haul out bigger items or have them reduced to chips. A larger chipper than needed could cause increased costs due to fuel consumption. So it's important to accurately evaluate your equipment's intended use for the best ultimate purchasing outcome.

Small and large tree care companies alike, stand to benefit from access to this latest addition of Morbark and Rayco chippers and stump grinders.

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