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Sales Feature: Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman is an only child who has been in construction since he was six years old. Leading up to his college years, he built residential and commercial buildings as a carpenter and mason.

After he received his bachelor's degree from West Chester University, Brian attended Broward College for business law, marketing, accounting, and economics, though he was unable to secure a job in this field as businesses were in the process of diversifying at the time.

While Brian was working on a horse arena grading project at Fox View Farm, the customer’s son came out to help.

This drove him to go back to construction, in which he was involved in a multitude of projects across the country.

Some of those projects included superfund site remediation, cleanups, building RCRA landfills throughout the U.S. to safely contain hazardous wastes, working in almost every coal power plant in the nation, performing ash management, supervising construction of the first sewage sludge composting facility in the U.S., modifying and installing portable asphalt plants, and working in oil refineries.

While Brian was working on a horse arena grading project at Fox View Farm, the customer’s son came out to help (pictured above).

A man with an incredible work ethic, Brian furthered himself by obtaining OSHA Hazardous Waste Training, Nuclear Gauge Training, Geosynthetic Products Training, and Industrial Wastewater Training. Some of the companies he worked with included GE, DuPont, WR Grace, Sunoco, Chevron, CSX, BASF, American Home Products, International Paper, Rohm and Haas, RBG Gold Mining facilities, PECO, PPL, Virginia Power and Light, Cinergy Corp., and AEP. He also worked for the federal government as well as some state governments and Pennsylvania cities.

Brian checking a lagoon on one of his projects

One of his local projects was working on a PennDot project on the Route 23 extension east of Lancaster. He also engaged in emergency response for Philadelphia when sewage treatment plant workers burned down their facility; he only had five days to erect and construct a portable processing plant that was capable of processing 16 million gallons of sewage per day until the city could rebuild their plant.

After many years of wearing several different construction hats, Brian spent the past seven at Highway Equipment & Supply Co. “I enjoy the ability to interact with Highway’s customers and utilize my construction background and knowledge to help our customers become more profitable,” he said.

On April 20, 2018, Brian (fourth from the right) went to South Korea with Lycoming County Resource Management Services for a Volvo CE customer clinic focused on excavators.

Brian's life has always been centered around work, and that hasn’t changed as he clocks 80-100 hours seven days a week at Highway. More important than dedication to his work, however, is the reason he works so many hours: dedication to his family. Brian is a single father with three daughters and two grandsons, aged four and six.

Brian's oldest daughter, Porsche, attended the Pennsylvania College of Technology, served in the army for six years, and then started attending Mount Aloysius with the intent to graduate in May 2018 with an RN degree.

His second daughter, Bianca, graduated from Lock Haven University with a B.S. in Education and currently works in medical billing with the dream to teach someday.

Elena, his youngest daughter, is attending West Chester University with the intent to graduate in December 2017 with a B.S. degree in Biology. Elena also rides and shows their hunter jumper horse.

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