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Sales Feature: Jordan Coats

In this staff feature, you get to meet Jordan Coats, Sales Coordinator in Drums.

Jordan Coats grew up in Newberry, SC, with his three sisters and five brothers. He graduated from Newberry High School as a certified machine tool technician, and then pursued a business degree and Horticulture minor from Piedmont Tech.

One of his proudest accomplishments in school was being a 4-time letterman and 2-time captain of championship football and golf teams. Upon recommendation from the vocational center principal, Jordan was awarded the Governor’s Citizenship Award for his work with the National Technical Honors Society. “Mrs. Adams was an outstanding lady, and to have her think that highly of me really meant a lot," he said.

"I haven’t always seen myself working in an office setting; I’ve always been an outdoors kind of guy. Growing up on a farm in rural South Carolina, I always thought agriculture would be where I would stay. That changed when I took a part time job working for Tractor Supply Co. as a way to earn some extra cash. My managers saw some leadership ability in me and offered an assistant manager position."

Upon accepting the assistant manager position at Tractor Supply, Jordan moved throughout the southeast for three years before accepting a store manager promotion in Hazelton, PA.

After nine years of service at Tractor Supply, he explored other opportunities, leading him to work as the sales coordinator in Drums for two years with a break in between.

“I enjoy my coworkers and being able to work together to serve our customers,” he said. “The mix of seasoned and newer employees offers some unique perspectives on how to approach different situations, and I like the direction we are headed with our roots planted firmly in what got us here.”

Left to Right: Territory Sales Manager Joe Rick, Joey Rick, and Jordan Coats at Customer Appreciation Day 2018

Jordan enjoys supporting the construction industry and playing a role in the implementation of vital projects that influence day-to-day life, including roadbuilding, utility work, and building hospitals and homes.

“I have always enjoyed being able to help a customer overcome problems they may face with completing a project. It’s a good feeling when someone leaves happy and able say you did everything you could to make sure their issues were handled professionally. When people call and only want to deal with you, that’s a great sign you are doing something right.”

As a working hobby, Jordan landscapes his property and a few others.

“My biggest accomplishment has to be do the remodeling work to our home,” he said. “I did all the design, permitting, and labor myself with a little help from a friend or two.”

Home Renovation:

Landscape Work:

An outdoorsman through and through, he loves fishing, hiking, running with the dogs, playing golf, and grilling meat.

His dream for the future is to take a family trip to the Western National Parks of the U.S. and a Trans-Canadian train trip on the way home. “A close second is to take my wife to the Caribbean and go deep sea fishing and SCUBA diving,” he said.

Jordan and his wife, Dorri, have been married for almost five years. “We met at TSC, and the rest is history,” he said.

They have two sons, 16-year-old Noah and 15-year-old Jacob, and two dogs, a mix named Wylie and a chocolate lab named Mason. They rescued two cats, Josie and Emmitt, who had a kitten named Tony.

Favorite Food: Pulled Pork BBQ

Favorite Singer: Brad Paisley

Favorite Sports: Hockey & Football

Baseball Team: Atlanta Braves

Hockey Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Football Team: Clemson Tigers

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